List of great gifts for the males – ladies, pay attention

With the Father’s day coming soon, i feel the need to address the issue of choosing good gifts for your husbands, fathers or even sons. There are some things men say they like, but they actually don’t. In my experience, the best gifts for men are things that they want, but don’t buy for different reasons. For me, a somewhat frugal person, the reason is usually the price. For example, i can’t get myself to pay thousand dollars for cool table saw i found at HomeDepot last week. But if i were to receive it as a gift, i’d be happy beyond imagination. So, with that being said, first thing to choosing gift for your men is finding out what their hobbies are. If you’ve been paying attention and already know, that’s even better.

 If they’re into hunting, fishing, or any outdoors-related sport, my broad suggestion would be camping facilities like sleeping bag, hunting tent or portable heaters. If you want some specific suggestions, then you have to know what is it specifically that hey like. If it’s hunting, i suggest going on Amazon’s hunting category, choosing the price range you want, and choose yourself. There are all sorts of hunting gear that would make great gifts for men – animal calls, rifle scopes and binoculars, just to name a few. Same goes for fishing and any other outdoor activities, including jogging and hiking. I have few friends who are into hiking, and they talk and compare their hiking boots all the time. So if you’re not limited to tight budget, a high quality hiking boots would also make great gift. But if you are creative, you sure as hell can find great gifts that cost less than twenty dollars.

 If they’re into woodworking, home improvement and tools, which i’m very passionate about, it’s a good idea to consult experts, because not all tools are equally well liked. First, you need to identify what kind of tools your man already has, you don’t want to get him a circular saw and then discover that he already has one. There are a lot of websites and online communities where you can ask for advice about products, but my favorite is reddit. It’s full of people who are passionate about the topic and are ready to help with advice.  When it comes to worm drive saws, though, Reddit isn’t as helpful as little site i know – thesawexpert. It helps that they have full review and analysis of all worm drive saws, and present good arguments for or against buying any of the products. Their content on table saws is quite helpful as well, but if you find their information insufficient, always use Google.

 If your husband doesn’t comply to any of the types i’ve mentioned above, i’m not in any position to recommend anything specific, but something general like clothes or workout supplements would probably be a good idea. But again, find out what he’s interested in, and buy the gift depending on that.


Choosing circular saw as a complete beginner – what to do

Let’s be frankly – buying circular saw, or any other tool for that matter, when you are a beginner, is truly teriffying experience. You don’t know what you’re doing, and everyone seems to have different opinions on what you should do. That is why i always prefer to teach people how to do a thing, instead of just doing it for them. I could recommend certain saws, which are generally considered the best, but they might still not work for you. Everyone has a different needs, and there is no way of knowing what circular saw will work for you, unless you’re the one making the judgement.

 First, let’s talk brands. There are obvious brand names you probably expect to find here, which are : DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, and others. And it is for a good reason – those are the companies that make one of the best power tools out there, therefore the brands are mainstream. Among me and my friends, DeWalt is pretty much synonymous with quality.

But you shouldn’t judge product solely based on the brand name. Even DeWalt and Makita have made some terrible products, so it’s better to double check. Read circular saw reviews and please, first thing you do is to check what customers have to say about a product. No one knows flaws and advantages of each tool better than the person using the tool, plain and simple. Cheaper brands include Ryobi, Ridgid, Black&Decker, SKIL and many others. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean worse, but in my experience, these tools lack the durability and several functionalities of other top tier brands. Although, when on a tight budge, they are certainly worth to take a look at.

 Other thing that seems to confuse beginners is corded vs cordless power tool debate. Some people claim that cordless tools are utterly useless and their batteries drain very quickly, while others prefer the comfort of moving around with your tool without having to plug it in everywhere you go. Personally, i’m somewhere in between, as i acknowledge the problem battery powered circular saws have, but i also realize that newest cordless tools’ batteries are getting a lot better. That is why i think all experienced home improvers and woodworkers must have them, especially if they use them frequently. I personally, own both – corded and cordless circular saws, just because i can afford to have them and i know when to use each one of them. But if you are a beginner, i recommend you go with corded circular saw. They’re cheaper, and battery never runs out. Choosing the right time to charge your tools is an art that comes with experience, so it’s better to gain some experience before switching to battery powered tools, or even better, owning both, like i do.

As mentioned above, i have no intention of telling you which exact products you get, so it seems reasonable to finish my saw buying tutorial here.


Unpopular Opinions

Is building a custom-made table saw worth the effort?

DIY and home improvement is becoming more and more popular every day, and i think it’s because of websites like Pinterest and Working with power tools and creating beautiful pieces of furniture has been my hobby since 2006, the year i got my first circular saw. I now have a lot more diversified set of tools that i know when and how to use, but it’s not always been that way. I’ve tried luck in building my own table saws as well, but miserably failed. Anyway, the point i’m trying to make is that even if you try to build a table saw, make sure to replicate all the safety measures that professional table saws have. But i don’t even think building table saw by yourself is worth the effort and money. Sure, table saws are expensive and you can put together a table saw-like tool for very cheap, but only if you’re an expert. In case you’re an amateur, just like i was, i don’t even recommend that you try, as it’s a waste of time. Unless, of course, you enjoy the process of putting it together, then it might be somewhat justified, but using it will still be very dangerous.

 If you’re forced to do it yourself because of small budget, consider getting portable table saws. They’re very functional and don’t cost that much – few hundred dollars at most. Also, take a look at this article that reviews all decent table saws under 500.

There are a lot of YouTube tutorials about building custom table saws by yourself. And as an experienced table saw user, that makes me quite concerned, because i know consequences of table saw accidents, which are mostly caused by installations that are not properly done. I love building custom tools myself, but i think table saws are something that average joe should not mess around with. One slightest mistake and you could end up losing one of your fingers, or even more. I think it’s especially unnecessary, considering manufacturers are coming up with great tools to protect the user as much as they can. You might not be able to afford new table saw, but do you really need it? With proper tools and knowledge, most of the time, you can use circular saw to do the same job. Plus, if it’s saving money that you’re after, consider buying smaller table saws, which are as functional as big ones. You can get them for even less if you buy them used.

 And after watching some of those videos, your custom table saw won’t cut that precisely either. It might work at first, but the results will be very mediocre. Just remember that you can’t put a price tag on your safety, therefore hundred dollars is not worth even slightest chance of accident.


Table saw buying advice for absolute beginners

Enormous box stores are a frightful place to search for fine carpentry apparatuses. The comparable you’d be searching for are Rockler and WoodCraft, and the bargain basement choice is Harbor Freight.

There are numerous classes of table saws. What Home Depot and Lowes convey are for the most part jobsite saws. Unless you have a noteworthy space premium, or you’d be tossing it in the back of a truck a considerable measure, you will take a gander at temporary worker, cross breed, and bureau saws.

At Lowes, the saw proposal is the Delta 36-725, at Home Depot it’s the RIDGID R4512.

Jobsite saws (the DeWalt, for example) have an assortment of issues. They include: off base, little table, composite table, coordinate drive engine, light, misaligned miter spaces, strangely measured/formed miter openings, low power, loathsome wall, poor modification, modest/simple to break parts and pieces. DeWalt makes a portion of the most flawlessly awesome jobsite saws, and best in jobsite devices tends to come down “to what extent would I be able to thoroughly demolish this before it bites the dust” and power (for a jobsite saw).

Here are the average proposals:

Purchase an old saw. Requires bunches of chasing and peddling out Craigslist. The most famous old ones by a wide margin are a couple Craigslist saw, however there are some okay arrangements to be had.

Purchase a “section level” new observed (the Delta and RIDGID). A customarily ignored option is Grizzly, and they’re most likely the least demanding machines to extend your financial plan on.

SawStop. They’re the diversion around the local area for substance detecting tech, so they make the nearest thing we have to a “protected” table saw. On the off chance that you have the cash to spend on one, and you have a normal everyday employment that requires practical fingers, it merits considering. Until you get to the bureau size, they’re costly for the class of saw. There’s a Bosch with tissue detecting tech, yet it’s a jobsite saw, and the cost on the saw to a great degree soak for a jobsite saw. It doesn’t demolish cutting edges like SawStop, however in the event that you’re stumbling the system enough that the sharp edge cost gets sufficiently high to matter, you presumably shouldn’t utilize a table saw.

What you’re getting from a greater saw is solid metal table, more extensive table” (at least 42), better fence, and a superior engine set up which as I would see it given innovation is begging to be proven wrong if it’s essential (relies on upon the work you plan on doing and your experience).

Presently the question comes down to what you need to spend. That Dewalt saw is $800 and the most costly of the jobsite saws alongside the saw stop and the Bosch with the skin tech. You ought to assess what you need the saw for and to what extent you anticipate utilizing it and also the space you have. For twofold the cost to get into a temporary worker saw im not certain the incremental esteem is there, but rather that is for you to choose.